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Unix commands overview

Here you can find the basic Unix commands. This page are designed for Unix beginners mainly.
Every Unix command or filename is case sensitive, unlike DOS, this is the most common error to be aware of.

  • cd - Changes your current directory
    Example: cd dir_name

  • chmod - Change permissions of file or directory

  • clear - Clears the shell.

  • cp - Copy a file
    Example: cp old_name new_name

  • emacs - Starts up the emacs text editor
    Example: emacs file_name

  • exit - Exits out of a shell

  • help - General command information.

  • lpq - Lists print spool.

  • ls - Lists files in your current directory.

  • ls -al - Shows permission settings for files in directory.

  • man - Manual pages for a command
    Example: man command

  • mail - Sends and receives mail

  • mkdir - Makes a new directory
    Example: mkdir new_dir_name

  • passwd - Changes your password

  • pine - Starts the pine mail program.

  • pwd - Tells you your present working directory.

  • rm - Removes a file
    Example: rm file_name

  • rmdir - Removes a directory
    Example: rmdir dir_name

  • source .login - Runs your .login file.

  • ifconfig -a - displays the IP configuration of the box

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