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C Credits

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C Credits

This appendix lists the developers, contributors, and supporters that have helped to make MySQL what it is today.

C.1 Developers at MySQL AB

These are the developers that are or have been employed by MySQL AB to work on the MySQL database software, roughly in the order they started to work with us. Following each developer is a small list of the tasks that the developer is responsible for, or the accomplishments they have made. All developers are involved in support.

Michael (Monty) Widenius
  • Lead developer and main author of the MySQL server (mysqld).
  • New functions for the string library.
  • Most of the mysys library.
  • The ISAM and MyISAM libraries (B-tree index file handlers with index compression and different record formats).
  • The HEAP library. A memory table system with our superior full dynamic hashing. In use since 1981 and published around 1984.
  • The replace program (take a look at it, it's COOL!).
  • MyODBC, the ODBC driver for Windows95.
  • Fixing bugs in MIT-pthreads to get it to work for MySQL Server. And also Unireg, a curses-based application tool with many utilities.
  • Porting of mSQL tools like msqlperl, DBD/DBI, and DB2mysql.
  • Most of crash-me and the foundation for the MySQL benchmarks.
David Axmark
  • Initial main writer of the Reference Manual, including enhancements to texi2html.
  • Automatic web site updating from the manual.
  • Initial Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool support.
  • Licensing.
  • Parts of all the text files. (Nowadays only the `README' is left. The rest ended up in the manual.)
  • Lots of testing of new features.
  • Our in-house Free Software legal expert.
  • Mailing list maintainer (who never has the time to do it right...).
  • Our original portability code (more than 10 years old now). Nowadays only some parts of mysys are left.
  • Someone for Monty to call in the middle of the night when he just got that new feature to work.
  • Chief "Open Sourcerer" (MySQL community relations).
Jani Tolonen
  • mysqlimport
  • A lot of extensions to the command-line clients.
Sinisa Milivojevic
  • Compression (with zlib) in the client/server protocol.
  • Perfect hashing for the lexical analyser phase.
  • Multi-row INSERT
  • mysqldump -e option
  • --max-user-connections=... option
  • net_read and net_write_timeout
  • New client-server protocol for 4.0
  • UNION in 4.0
  • Multi-table DELETE/UPDATE
  • Derived tables in 4.1
  • User resources management
  • Initial developer of the MySQL++ C++ API and the MySQLGUI client.
Tonu Samuel (past developer)
  • VIO interface (the foundation for the encrypted client/server protocol).
  • MySQL Filesystem (a way to use MySQL databases as files and directories).
  • The CASE expression.
  • The MD5() and COALESCE() functions.
  • RAID support for MyISAM tables.
Sasha Pachev
  • Initial implementation of replication (upto version 4.0).
  • mysql-bench
Matt Wagner
  • MySQL test suite.
  • Webmaster (until 2002).
  • Coordinator of development.
Miguel Solorzano
  • Win32 development and release builds.
  • Windows NT server code.
  • WinMySQLAdmin
Timothy Smith (past developer)
  • Dynamic character sets support.
  • configure, RPMs and other parts of the build system.
  • Initial developer of libmysqld, the embedded server.
Sergei Golubchik
  • Full-text search.
  • Added keys to the MERGE library.
Jeremy Cole
  • Proofreading and editing this fine manual.
  • UPDATE ... ORDER BY ....
  • DELETE ... ORDER BY ....
Indrek Siitan
  • Designing/programming of our web interface.
  • Author of our newsletter management system.
Jorge del Conde
  • MyCC MySQL Control Center.
  • Win32 development
  • Initial implementation of the website portals.
Venu Anuganti
  • MyODBC 3.51
  • New client/server protocol for 4.1
Arjen Lentz
  • Maintainer of the MySQL Reference Manual.
  • Preparing the O'Reilly printed edition of the manual.
Alexander (Bar) Barkov, Alexey (Holyfoot) Botchkov, and Ramil Kallimullin
  • Spatial data (GIS) and R-Trees implementation for 4.1
  • Unicode and character sets for 4.1
Alexander (Sanja) Belkin
  • Query cache in 4.0
  • Implementation of subqueries (4.1).
Aleksey (Walrus) Kishkin and Alexey (Ranger) Stroganov
  • Benchmarks design and analysis.
  • Maintenance of the MySQL test suite.
Zak Greant
  • Open Source advocate, MySQL community relations.
Carsten Pedersen
  • The MySQL Certification program.
Lenz Grimmer
  • Production (build and release) engineering.
Peter Zaitsev
  • SHA1(), AES_ENCRYPT() and AES_DECRYPT() functions.
  • Debugging, cleaning up various features.
Alexander (Salle) Keremidarski
  • Documentation of existing MySQL code/algorithms.
  • Debugging.
Per-Erik Martin
  • Lead developer for stored procedures and triggers.
Jim Winstead
  • Lead web developer.
Mark Matthews
  • JDBC driver.

C.2 Contributors to MySQL

While MySQL AB owns all copyrights in the MySQL server and the MySQL manual, we wish to recognise those who have made contributions of one kind or another to the MySQL distribution. Contributors are listed here, in somewhat random order:

Paul DuBois
Ongoing help with making this manual correct and understandable. That includes rewriting Monty's and David's attempts at English into English as other people know it.
Gianmassimo Vigazzola [email protected] or [email protected]
The initial port to Win32/NT.
Kim Aldale
Helped to rewrite Monty's and David's early attempts at English into English.
Per Eric Olsson
For more or less constructive criticism and real testing of the dynamic record format.
Irena Pancirov [email protected]
Win32 port with Borland compiler. mysqlshutdown.exe and mysqlwatch.exe
David J. Hughes
For the effort to make a shareware SQL database. At TcX, the predecessor of MySQL AB, we started with mSQL, but found that it couldn't satisfy our purposes so instead we wrote a SQL interface to our application builder Unireg. mysqladmin and mysql client are programs that were largely influenced by their mSQL counterparts. We have put a lot of effort into making the MySQL syntax a superset of mSQL. Many of the API's ideas are borrowed from mSQL to make it easy to port free mSQL programs to the MySQL API. The MySQL software doesn't contain any code from mSQL. Two files in the distribution (`client/insert_test.c' and `client/select_test.c') are based on the corresponding (non-copyrighted) files in the mSQL distribution, but are modified as examples showing the changes necessary to convert code from mSQL to MySQL Server. (mSQL is copyrighted David J. Hughes.)
Fred Fish
For his excellent C debugging and trace library. Monty has made a number of smaller improvements to the library (speed and additional options).
Richard A. O'Keefe
For his public domain string library.
Henry Spencer
For his regex library, used in WHERE column REGEXP regexp.
Free Software Foundation
From whom we got an excellent compiler (gcc), the libc library (from which we have borrowed `strto.c' to get some code working in Linux), and the readline library (for the mysql client).
Free Software Foundation & The XEmacs development team
For a really great editor/environment used by almost everybody at MySQL AB/TcX/detron.
Patrick Lynch
For helping us acquire http://www.mysql.com/.
Fred Lindberg
For setting up qmail to handle the MySQL mailing list and for the incredible help we got in managing the MySQL mailing lists.
Igor Romanenko [email protected]
mysqldump (previously msqldump, but ported and enhanced by Monty).
Yuri Dario
For keeping up and extending the MySQL OS/2 port.
Tim Bunce, Alligator Descartes
For the DBD (Perl) interface.
Tim Bunce
Author of mysqlhotcopy.
Andreas Koenig [email protected]
For the Perl interface for MySQL Server.
Eugene Chan [email protected]
For porting PHP for MySQL Server.
Michael J. Miller Jr. [email protected]
For the first MySQL manual. And a lot of spelling/language fixes for the FAQ (that turned into the MySQL manual a long time ago).
Yan Cailin
First translator of the MySQL Reference Manual into simplified chinese in early 2000 on which the Big5 and HK coded (http://mysql.hitstar.com/) versions were based. Personal home page at linuxdb.yeah.net.
Giovanni Maruzzelli [email protected]
For porting iODBC (Unix ODBC).
Chris Provenzano
Portable user level pthreads. From the copyright: This product includes software developed by Chris Provenzano, the University of California, Berkeley, and contributors. We are currently using version 1_60_beta6 patched by Monty (see `mit-pthreads/Changes-mysql').
Xavier Leroy [email protected]
The author of LinuxThreads (used by the MySQL Server on Linux).
Zarko Mocnik [email protected]
Sorting for Slovenian language and the `cset.tar.gz' module that makes it easier to add other character sets.
"TAMITO" [email protected]
The _MB character set macros and the ujis and sjis character sets.
Joshua Chamas [email protected]
Base for concurrent insert, extended date syntax, debugging on NT, and answering on the MySQL mailing list.
Yves Carlier [email protected]
mysqlaccess, a program to show the access rights for a user.
Rhys Jones [email protected] (And GWE Technologies Limited)
For JDBC, a module to extract data from a MySQL Database with a Java client.
Dr Xiaokun Kelvin ZHU [email protected]
Further development of the JDBC driver and other MySQL-related Java tools.
James Cooper [email protected]
For setting up a searchable mailing list archive at his site.
Rick Mehalick [email protected]
For xmysql, a graphical X client for MySQL Server.
Doug Sisk [email protected]
For providing RPM packages of MySQL for RedHat Linux.
Diemand Alexander V. [email protected]
For providing RPM packages of MySQL for RedHat Linux-Alpha.
Antoni Pamies Olive [email protected]
For providing RPM versions of a lot of MySQL clients for Intel and SPARC.
Jay Bloodworth [email protected]
For providing RPM versions for MySQL Version 3.21.
Jochen Wiedmann [email protected]
For maintaining the Perl DBD::mysql module.
Therrien Gilbert [email protected], Jean-Marc Pouyot [email protected]
French error messages.
Petr Snajdr, [email protected]
Czech error messages.
Jaroslaw Lewandowski [email protected]
Polish error messages.
Miguel Angel Fernandez Roiz
Spanish error messages.
Roy-Magne Mo [email protected]
Norwegian error messages and testing of Version 3.21.#.
Timur I. Bakeyev [email protected]
Russian error messages.
[email protected] & Filippo Grassilli [email protected]
Italian error messages.
Dirk Munzinger [email protected]
German error messages.
Billik Stefan [email protected]
Slovak error messages.
Stefan Saroiu [email protected]
Romanian error messages.
Peter Feher
Hungarian error messages.
Roberto M. Serqueira
Portugise error messages.
Carsten H. Pedersen
Danish error messages.
Arjen G. Lentz
Dutch error messages, completing earlier partial translation (also work on consistency and spelling).
David Sacerdote [email protected]
Ideas for secure checking of DNS hostnames.
Wei-Jou Chen [email protected]
Some support for Chinese(BIG5) characters.
Wei He [email protected]
A lot of functionality for the Chinese(GBK) character set.
Zeev Suraski [email protected]
FROM_UNIXTIME() time formatting, ENCRYPT() functions, and bison advisor. Active mailing list member.
Luuk de Boer [email protected]
Ported (and extended) the benchmark suite to DBI/DBD. Have been of great help with crash-me and running benchmarks. Some new date functions. The mysql_setpermissions script.
Jay Flaherty [email protected]
Big parts of the Perl DBI/DBD section in the manual.
Paul Southworth [email protected], Ray Loyzaga [email protected]
Proof-reading of the Reference Manual.
Alexis Mikhailov [email protected]
User-definable functions (UDFs); CREATE FUNCTION and DROP FUNCTION.
Andreas F. Bobak [email protected]
The AGGREGATE extension to UDF functions.
Ross Wakelin [email protected]
Help to set up InstallShield for MySQL-Win32.
Jethro Wright III [email protected]
The `libmysql.dll' library.
James Pereria [email protected]
Mysqlmanager, a Win32 GUI tool for administrating MySQL Server.
Curt Sampson [email protected]
Porting of MIT-pthreads to NetBSD/Alpha and NetBSD 1.3/i386.
Antony T. Curtis [email protected]
Porting of the MySQL Database software to OS/2.
Martin Ramsch [email protected]
Examples in the MySQL Tutorial.
Steve Harvey
For making mysqlaccess more secure.
Konark IA-64 Centre of Persistent Systems Private Limited
http://www.pspl.co.in/konark/. Help with the Win64 port of the MySQL server.
Albert Chin-A-Young.
Configure updates for Tru64, large file support and better TCP wrappers support.
John Birrell
Emulation of pthread_mutex() for OS/2.
Benjamin Pflugmann
Extended MERGE tables to handle INSERTS. Active member on the MySQL mailing lists.
Guilhem Bichot
Fixed handling of exponents for DECIMAL. Author of mysql_tableinfo.

Other contributors, bugfinders, and testers: James H. Thompson, Maurizio Menghini, Wojciech Tryc, Luca Berra, Zarko Mocnik, Wim Bonis, Elmar Haneke, jehamby@lightside, [email protected], [email protected], Ted Deppner [email protected], Mike Simons, Jaakko Hyvatti.

And lots of bug report/patches from the folks on the mailing list.

A big tribute goes to those that help us answer questions on the [email protected] mailing list:

Daniel Koch [email protected]
Irix setup.
Luuk de Boer [email protected]
Benchmark questions.
Tim Sailer [email protected]
DBD-mysql questions.
Boyd Lynn Gerber [email protected]
SCO-related questions.
Richard Mehalick [email protected]
xmysql-related questions and basic installation questions.
Zeev Suraski [email protected]
Apache module configuration questions (log & auth), PHP-related questions, SQL syntax-related questions and other general questions.
Francesc Guasch [email protected]
General questions.
Jonathan J Smith [email protected]
Questions pertaining to OS-specifics with Linux, SQL syntax, and other things that might need some work.
David Sklar [email protected]
Using MySQL from PHP and Perl.
Alistair MacDonald [email protected]
Not yet specified, but is flexible and can handle Linux and maybe HP-UX. Will try to get user to use mysqlbug.
John Lyon [email protected]
Questions about installing MySQL on Linux systems, using either `.rpm' files or compiling from source.
Lorvid Ltd. [email protected]
Simple billing/license/support/copyright issues.
Patrick Sherrill [email protected]
ODBC and VisualC++ interface questions.
Randy Harmon [email protected]
DBD, Linux, some SQL syntax questions.

C.3 Supporters to MySQL

While MySQL AB owns all copyrights in the MySQL server and the MySQL manual, we wish to recognise the following companies, which helped us finance the development of the MySQL server, such as by paying us for developing a new feature or giving us hardware for development of the MySQL server.

VA Linux / Andover.net
Funded replication.
Editing of the MySQL manual.
Stork Design studio
The MySQL web site in use between 1998-2000.
Contributed to development on Windows and Linux platforms.
Contributed to Development on Linux/Alpha.
Development on the embedded mysqld version.

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