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Here you can find the most useful unix tutorials. I hope this site will help you to resolve the problems related with unix-based system administration

Unix tutorial archives

19 September, 2003: Setting Up Server / Client kerberos on OpenBsd
As a user/administrator of OpenBSD systems, you are fortunate that Kerberos IV is an pre-installed component of the default system. Here is a guide to setting up both the Kerberos realm server, as well as a client ...

04 September, 2003: QMail Spam & Virus checking and prevention
Spamassassin is program that scans email messages using a set of rules, and then assigns a score. If the score is higher than your nominated limit, then the message will be tagged as spam ...

30 August, 2003: Setting Up the Sendmail on FreeBsd or Linux
If you use the FreeBSD-STABLE and CVSup, very likely that you have the last version of sendmail and
you can omit the installation steps ...

15 August, 2003: How to install POP3 and SMTP proxy server on FreeBsd or Linux
The pop3.proxy is an application level proxy for POP3. It connects a POP3 client ...

12 August, 2003: Setting Up Samba server
If you want to get started quickly, the CD-ROM packaged with this book contains both the sources and binaries of Samba that were available as ...

27 July, 2003: Setting Up DNS Server on FreeBsd
DNS (Domain Name Service) Server is an important server for the Internet. It determines the name of network-computer within the Internet ...

02 June, 2003: Setting Up Apache on FreeBsd
The purpose of this document is to describe the setup of the secure web application server on FreeBsd

21 April, 2003: How to install MySQL from source on FreeBsd or Linux
MySQL is a fast, multi-threaded, multi-user and robust SQL (Structured Query Language) database server. It provides a nifty API which makes it easy to integrate into other applications, including PHP

28 March, 2003: Setting Up A FreeBSD Firewall
FreeBSD 3.x and 4.x make it very easy to set up a rule-based packet filtering firewall

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